Christmas Tree Checkoff Faces Test

The Christmas Tree Promotion Board was launched by USDA in 2015 at the request of farmers who wanted to raise funds for industry promotions and research with a “check off” fee of 15 cents per tree, generating roughly $1.8 million a year. But unlike the young consumers who are targeted by its promotional campaigns, some farmers who pay for the program are indifferent to social media. This year, the board invested $1.1 million in promotions.

Small Agency Digital Campaign of the Year, Silver: Concept Farm

When ESPNW, the network’s brand for women who love sports, wanted to connect with its target across digital media, it turned to Concept Farm, the New York-based agency that helped with the rollout of ESPNW in 2010. For the digital effort, Concept Farm — which also won Small Agency of the Year, Silver, for the Northeast — created “98 Days to Shine,” a campaign that stretched from Memorial Day to Labor Day 2013.

Who Said It: Kanye West Or Your Creative Director?

What do Kanye West and your Creative Director have in common? They both think they’re superior beings and say some insanely ridiculous things. This new site Kanye vs Creative Director shows the similarities between Yeezus and CDs by asking visitors to guess who dropped the highlighted ego-centric quote.

Arrogance Faceoff: Kanye West vs. Creative Director

He has a larger than life ego. He wears funky sneakers and makes insane proclamations about his own creative prowess. Plus he can be creepily sexual when you least expect it. Is it Kanye West we’re talking about … or a typical agency creative director? Excellent question! And it’s the whole idea behind a fun little site The site, which was created by the agency Concept Farm, prompts you to click through a series of quotes to guess who said them — Yeezus or your creative director. The site would soon be a Webby Awards Honoree.