Aruba Is One Happy Island

Way too many Americans are bummed out, right now.

The federal government is the worst soap opera ever invented. Women are reliving their traumas in public and men are in hiding.

If you are black or brown, you could be in danger from the police or your fellow citizens, for no good reason. We’ve left the Age of Aquarius behind and entered into Peak Fear. To make matters worse, we also arrived at The Point of Zero Accountability. This is how a toxic stew is stirred.

Thankfully, there are workable remedies. The most affordable remedy is to cancel cable and go for a long, long walk. If that isn’t enough distance from the noise, and you have the money, get on an airplane and fly to an island where people are happy and you too can be happy.

These colorful ads were made by independent agency Concept Farm. The campaign features six niche-focused landing pages hosted by a different Aruban local – matching audience interests with the activities Aruba offers.

Culture, culinary and romance are part of the new push, following the wellness, adventure and family niches that kick-started the campaign in 2017. “Local storytelling stimulates experiential travel and on-island spend. With Concept Farm’s help, we have unlocked our biggest asset – and one of our best marketing tools: The Aruban people,” says Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes, CEO of Aruba Tourism Authority.

John Speers, Strategy & Client Director at Concept Farm says, “We needed to do more than just present activities in a beautiful setting. We needed to highlight the uniqueness of Aruba’s wonderful people and awe-inspiring place. The storytelling drives real emotional engagement and conversion.”

Concept Farm’s work for Aruba has led to record-setting visitation increases over the last five years with a 10% increase in 2017 alone. Commensurate with those big numbers comes an increase in on-island spend, which is critical as Aruba is the most tourism-dependent island nation in the Caribbean.

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Aruba Tourism Authority Campaign by Concept Farm - 09/2018
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