Book4Golf’s slogan is “Every great story starts with a tee time,” and in this print and television campaign, they capitalize on real golfers’ true stories. “We just talked to people at one golf course in L.A. as they were walking off the green, and got them to tell their stories on camera,” explains Wasiak. “We thought it would undermine the campaign if we invented the stories.”

Domain-name Registry Sites Pump Up Ads: Faces Tough Battle Against Giant Network Solutions

The company will spend roughly $2 million on the initial campaign, which runs through Nov. 15. Starting in January, will expand the campaign nationally. Spending could reach $30 million next year, said VP-Marketing Sascha Mornell. Through its ads, is “trying to relay the passion behind building a company online,” said Gregg Wasiak, farmer-director at The Concept Farm.