Concept Farm Focuses on Holiday Traditions for the 2019 CTPB Campaign

We are proud to present our 2019 Christmas Tree Promotion Board campaign which is strategically based on research that shows Real Christmas Tree owners cared more about creating Holiday traditions than those who purchased artificial trees. And in the end, whats the Holidays without traditions? 

What else did the Christmas traditions survey uncover?

  • Dads Favor Tradition – Dads were more likely to place a high importance on creating new holiday traditions with their children – including purchasing a real Christmas tree – when compared to moms.
  • Parents Pick the Tree – When shopping for a real Christmas tree, 57 percent of parents say that they make the final call on the tree they’ll take home, 31 percent let the kids do the selecting, 12 percent say they all pick together, and 5 percent say they rotate the big decision each year.
  • Mom Does the Tree Caretaking – While dads enjoy tree traditions, they don’t mind leaving the tree caretaking to mom, with 47 percent of moms doing the watering. Another 15 percent of parents said they assign the task to their kids while 15 percent said they all share in the duty as a family.
  • The More Lights the Merrier – When it comes to decorating, 43 percent of parents said they prefer to adorn their tree with multi-colored lights, 21 percent prefer white lights, and 32 percent said they use both multi-colored and white lights.

Read the Official Press Release.

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