New Aruba Campaign Puts Locals Front and Center

Aruba is taking tourists beyond the beach with its new tourism campaign, which is using local voices to distinguish Aruba from other islands.

“There are nearly 100 nationalities among a population of 100,000 people, on an island that is 19 miles long and six miles wide,” said Gregg Wasiak, growth director of Concept Farm, the agency behind the new “Authentic Aruba” campaign. “There is so much diversity built into the society here. And 92% of Aruba’s GDP is directly related to tourism.”

The campaign, which launched at the end of September, features dozens of Arubans making the connection between the island’s longstanding tagline of “One Happy Island” and its visitors.

“People are looking for connection overall and to enjoy local experiences. They are looking to get out,” said Ed Malone, area director for North America for the Aruba Tourism Authority. “Aruba, like every place else, has great beaches, but it’s so much more than that. And who better to tell that then the Arubans themselves?”

The centerpiece of the campaign features six landing pages, each focused on a niche — culture, culinary, romance, wellness, adventure and family — hosted by an Aruban local, which matches audience interests with the activities that Aruba can offer. Content will include short, medium and long videos, as well as interactive content across digital, TV, social, print and tradeshows.

Each host page will also offer tips on where visitors can experience Aruba. For example, the host of the culinary page, Samil, offers tips on discovering his “culinary day in paradise:” he recommends local breakfasts, where to get great smoothies (called batidos), the best spots for delicious BBQ and how to experience the island’s international restaurants.

“Aruba has been ‘One Happy Island’ for 35 years, so as the world shrinks, this means that people want to go deeper when they get to a destination, and that’s really what it’s all about,” Wasiak said. “When we look at One Happy Island, we can leave it there or try to add more depth. The premise is: the same reasons why Arubans love their happy home are the same reasons why people love it when they come to visit.”

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