Manhattan Mini Storage: Mini Storage, Maximum You by Concept Farm

Manhattan Mini Storage is thinking outside the (storage) box with the launch of its new campaign: ‘Mini Storage. Maximum You.’

Building on the brand’s famously unconventional advertisements, the campaign highlights quintessentially New York storage stories, told in Manhattan Mini Storage’s trademark tongue-in-cheek tone. A celebration of life in the big city along with the brand’s 40th anniversary, ‘Mini storage. Maximum you.’ comes to life through two creative expressions – the launch of the ‘Storage Guru’ and ‘Manhattan Mini Stories.’

Manhattan Mini Stories: A series of short films showcasing storage experiences of real customers, “Manhattan Mini Stories” brings quintessential New York experiences to life in a dramatic way with the help of local performance artists.

The Storage Guru: Introducing The Storage Guru, a customer for decades, who has dedicated himself to enlightening New Yorkers about Manhattan Mini Storage and the benefits of achieving storage nirvana.

Manhattan Mini Storage strives to be a part of New Yorkers’ lives with de-cluttering solutions for all major milestones— whether their first apartment in the big city, supporting their own entrepreneurial dreams, or getting married and starting a family. The “Mini storage. Maximum you.” campaign highlights the ability to move freely in a city where everything seems transitory and find liberation from New York neurosis, clutter, and baggage (both emotional and physical).

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