What does DDB NY, McCann, Anomaly, Publicis AND Concept Farm have in common?

We’re award winning digital agencies. And we failed the Mobilegeddon test.

What’s “Mobilegeddon” you ask? That’s the new catch phrase that has been scaring webmasters around the world after Google announced that mobile performance would become a ranking factor starting April 21, 2015.

Concept Farm was recently called out for failing the requirements for Google’s new mobile standards in an article referencing the upcoming changes.

Simply looking good and being pixel perfect are no longer enough to be valid mobile versions of sites. Google has now raised the bar by adding to their algorithm a new level of mobile “compatibility”. This will help accommodate the increase of mobile use in 2015, which is expected to exceed 2 billion users according to Forbes.

In our case, we learned that our links were too close together. We knew that we had a responsive, and mobile friendly site since we re-branded last year, however our link placement was in question. There were areas where links were too close together, which can be frustrating for the user. It might sound small, but it’s something that could have penalized the ranking of our site in mobile search results.

Here are some of the quick facts you should know about transitioning your mobile site to be Google approved:

  • Avoid flash, or software that is not common on mobile devices
  • Size the screen so that users don’t have to scroll horizontally to see the full page
  • Use easy to read text that is legible without zooming
  • Be sure to have space around links so that users can easily tap the correct link

If you’re not sure if your mobile site is making the cut, run Google’s mobile friendly test here.

Here are some helpful articles about the impact of the algorithm changes and mobile use: