As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, social media has become a must-have for any brand.  The authenticity of the conversation/engagement from a brand will greatly impact their bottom line.  The same goes for individuals.  Our own personal “brands,” both online and offline, benefit from the savvy use of social media. Knowing who to follow is a big part of that equation.

With over 200 million accounts to follow, Twitter certainly offers a diverse portfolio for the social media enthusiast. From celebrities to politicians to the biggest brands in the business, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re on the prowl for 10 must-follow handles this week, we have culled together some of our favorites for your tweeting pleasure:


Did you know that over 800,000 dopes follow not one, but two bogus handles by actor/rapper/Ray-Ban enthusiast Will Smith? The blue verified check mark will let you know if the one tweeting you those morning affirmations you love so much is the real deal. Find the latest brands and celebs to get the official bird blessing by peeking at their Following list.


If you’re looking to impress your friends and co-workers with immediate breaking news, this account will do the trick. You’ll know of a railway strike or Anna Nicole Smith’s resurrection faster than the next guy. (You’re welcome.)


Not to be confused with the delicious hot chocolate confection, Tina Roth Eisenberg’s @swissmiss is the account to follow for valuable information on the intersection of design and technology.


Data nerd? You’ll find no better source than Neilsen. Get stats on how consumers are engaging second screen with television programming and how it impacts the advertisers looking to connect with them.


If you’re in the advertising business or even client-side, you’ll learn the latest and greatest in the biz by following Adweek.


No one is more connected online than Anil Dash. Following him will empower you with digital knowledge.


“West Coast Workwear” betabrand.com involves the customer in its decisions on which clothing should be manufactured. Satellite Leggings = just as genius as you think they’d be. Count us in!


Mashable is the definitive destination for news, entertainment, business and all things digital. From Grumpy Cat book deals to political upheaval, this handle is a must-follow fountain of information.


JetBlue is a brand that tweets and responds to customers in an authentic way. The account is managed by the JetBlue social team but have a unified personality that’s fun, yet solves problems in near real-time. Plus, their unlimited chips are delicious.


Sree Sreenivasan is the Chief Digital Officer of @MetMuseum and spent 21 years at Columbia University’s Journalism school as their CDO. He is an original social media expert.